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Spartan Blades Velos Black Fixed Blade Neck Knife

  Velos (Vee-Los) - a fitting name for this small lapel dagger-tool, Velos, is Greek for arrow or arrowhead. Our inspiration for this design was the OSS lapel daggers made famous in WWII. This everyday carry (EDC) knife-tool can be worn … [Read more...]

Hardcore Hardware Australia LFT-01 Tactical Tomahawk Axe Black G-10

  The LFT tactical tomahawk is ready for the extreme end of Hardcore use as an impact/MOE/CQB tool. At two-thirds the size of our BFT-01G hawk, the LFT is designed for those operators who require a more compact tool capable of devastating … [Read more...]

TOPS Knives C.U.T 4.0 Combat Utility Tool Fixed Blade Knife

  Having a martial arts background, Joshua Swanagon has done some training with the karambit and is a fan of ring style knives and their prowess in combative applications. However, also being an avid outdoorsman, he has found them to be less … [Read more...]

Tops Knives Overlander Fixed Blade Knife

  8 1/4" overall. 3 1/4" tactical gray finish 1095 carbon steel blade. Full tang. Black linen micarta handles with lanyard. Black Kydex belt clip sheath.   Proudly made in the United States 3 1/4 inch gray finish 1095 carbon … [Read more...]

Tops Knives Tom Brown Tan Tracker Fixed Blade Knife

  11 7/8" overall. 6 1/4" coyote tan finish 1095 high carbon steel blade with sawback. Full tang. Green micarta handles. Coyote tan Kydex sheath with two rotating steel spring clips and green cord lanyard. Packaged with bonus TOPS Emergency … [Read more...]

TOPS Knives TAC-Raze Friction Folding Knife

  Tops Knives - Tac Raze Folder Model: TPTRAZ01. Closed: 6"; Blade: 3 1/8" | 1095 Carbon Steel | Standard Edge | Tumbled Finish; Handle: Black | G10; Other Info: Extended Tang | Lanyard Hole | Thumb Ridge. Tanto blade. Brown leather sheath. … [Read more...]

Bastinelli Creations 207 PY Fixed Blade

Description 10" overall. 5" black PVD coated Bohler N690 stainless tanto blade. Black G10 handle. Full tang. Lanyard hole. Collaboration with Fred Mastro and Funker Tactical. Black Kydex belt sheath. Boxed. Specifications Made in Italy … [Read more...]

Bastinelli Creations 201 Reaper Tac

Description Bastinelli Creations - Reaper Tac. Model: BAS201. 10 1/2" overall. 4 1/2" cutting edge. 6 1/2" black oxide coated Bohler N690 stainless axe head. Black smooth G10 handle. Full, extended tang. Lanyard hole. Black leather belt sheath. … [Read more...]

Walther 50748 Tactical Tomahawk Axe

Walther Tactical Tomahawk Axe. Overall: 16.25"; Blade: Stainless Standard Edge Black Finish; Handle: Black Synthetic; Other Info: 7.5" overall 420 stainless axe head with 4.25" cutting edge and spike end. Glass breaker pommel. Black nylon belt … [Read more...]

Columbia River Knife and Tool (CRKT) 6120 Jettison Compact Folding Plain Edge Knife

  This compact knife had some big shoes to fill. The designer of the Jettison comes from a long line of knife craftsmen. But with a razor-sharp blade and frame lock, this everyday carry knife is anything but junior when it comes to … [Read more...]

Hardcore Hardware Australia LFK-03 BGB Fixed Blade Tactical Knife

  The LFK series of edged tools are designed primarily as overt carry, quick & easy to reach, back-up knives with excellent cutting capabilities, where real estate on an assault platform may be limited. The LFK features superior strength, … [Read more...]

Bastinelli Knives S06 Diagnostic Karambit Fixed Knife Blade

  Bastinelli Creations - Diagnostic Karambit SW. Model BAS06. 3 3/4" overall. 1 1/2" curved design Karambit blade. One-piece stonewash finish N690C stainless construction with integrated finger ring. Black Kydex sheath with beaded neck … [Read more...]

TOPS Knives TAC-TOPS Karambit Fixed Knife

  The TOPS Knives TAC-TOPS Fixed Karambit is a beast of a blade with an extra long and wicked talon reach, oversized grip and finger hole.  Designed by C. Despins of Max Venom Product Group and manufactured by TOPS Knives to tackle a request … [Read more...]

Dream Guns

Access dream guns complete set up details and parts.   … [Read more...]

Bastinelli Creations Kalinou Karambit Fixed Combat Knife Blade

  Bastinelli Creations takes functional tools and boils them down to simplistic, useful designs with a little bit of style. They're known for their Dragotac folding knife with its versatile flat ground wharncliffe style blade and oddly shaped, … [Read more...]

Benchmade – SOCP Dagger 176, Skelentonized Dagger Fixed Knife

  The 176 SOCP skeletonized dagger is the optimal tool for self-defense and allows the user to maintain dexterity and manipulate other objects without putting down the knife. The specialized sheath design also integrates into gear and webbing … [Read more...]

United Cutlery M48 Hawk Harpoon

  M48 Hawk Harpoon knife features a razor-sharp blade that will slice through anything like butter, and a tip that will penetrate practically any target effortlessly. The wicked curve of this powerful blade allows it to be used for a variety … [Read more...]

Tops Knives Baghdad Box Cutter Fixed Knife

  This is a remarkably strong small working tool. It has a solid 1/4" thick body, which has been shaped and skeletonized to reduce weight and improve efficiency. It's just under 5" long, this knife is easily concealed and managed. Since it's … [Read more...]

Kershaw Launch 4 Mini Black DLC Automatic Knife

  The Launch 4 mini push button automatic knife from Kershaw Knives packs alot of punch for its size. The 4 is a pointy little backup that looks good, acts fast and won't take up much room wherever you carry it. This one is perfect for the … [Read more...]

Hardcore Hardware Australia Razorback Fixed Blade Kali Fighting Knife

  With inspiration taken from Filipino Martial Arts, namely Kali fighting systems, Hardcore Hardware Australia brings to you its first signature blade in the fighting arts genre, the Razorback™ CQC-01. Featuring a 6mm (0.236") thick, full … [Read more...]

Extrema Ratio Knives 125 Part Serrated Col Moschin Fixed Blade

  Col Moschin - 11 1/2" overall. 6" partially serrated N690 stainless cobalt steel blade with Testudo finish. Black Forprene handle. Full tang. Lanyard hole. Black rigid ABS polymer sheath features six polymer D-Ring attachments, a tactical … [Read more...]

SOG SEAL Team Elite Fixed Blade

  The SOG Specialty Knives & Tools SE37-N Seal Team Elite builds on SOG’s battle proven SEAL knife series by featuring a longer cutting edge along with a racy new blade shape, deeper finger grooves, extended tang and an added spine rasp … [Read more...]

Steel Will Courage 310 Fixed Blade Knife

  The "Courage" was designed to capture the balance between the traditions of a medieval Japanese weapon and XXI century modern technologies. It’s a perfect close combat weapon when fire-arms are not an option. Its Non-slip handle with … [Read more...]

Zootility Tools WildCard Folding EDC Credit Card Knife

  Zootility WildCard-Credit Card Knife is an amazing feat of steel origami, it's the most innovative knife on the market. Made entirely from heat treated stainless steel, WildCard™ knife weighs 1.1 ounce and is 2.0 mm thick, only slightly … [Read more...]

Tops Knives M4X Punisher Fixed Blade Knife

  The TOPS Knives M4X Punisher is a combination knife, saw, crowbar and hatchet. Featured in the movie Punisher: War Zone. The M4X is known for it's performance and not it's looks, Under extreme conditions where resupply may be dangerous or … [Read more...]

Tops Knives Wolf Pax 2 Combo Axe with Mini Fixed Knife Blade

  Some 12 years later and hundreds of sales all over the world the TOPS Wolf Pup is one of our most popular knives. It is easy to carry, fits most hands, fairly small, highly efficient, finely engineered and great to use in most situations. … [Read more...]