UTG Super Task Tactical OP QD Bi-Pod, Center Height: 8.0 – 12.4-Inch, Leg Length: 7.9 – 12.7-Inch

UTG Tactical OP Bipod, QD Lever Mount, Height 8.0″

-12.4″Right from the start, shooter and outside sports enthusiasts will have the ability to admire the simple and straight forward design of our Tactical OP series of bipods. Leapers UTG kept it fundamental and focused on the most important aspects mandatory of bipods: Strength, Reliability, and Functionality. Never stop raising the bar, UTG made substantial enhancements to this already popular Tactical OP bipod series, making them equipment definitely worth investing in and a go-to choice for the well-prepared shooters and outdoor sports enthusiasts alike.

You Will Undoubtedly Value

The high performing, lightweight aluminum building with steel elements in strategic locations known to be under the most strain particularly in extensive live fire testing, makes dominating even the most aggressive environments an afterthought. Double support rods at the installing base, larger diameter legs, and robust external springs linked to spring catches that are important to the legs, all contribute to a superior bipod that will work consistently and tirelessly for you in the sport you take pleasure in.

Picatinny Rail Mounting with Patented QD Lever Lock System

The best ways to mount the bipod to your gun? It comes conventional with the Picatinny rail mounting base with UTG trademarked Quick Detach Lever Lock System to mount on any Picatinny rail. The innovative QD Lever Lock System permits fast on/off setup on any Picatinny rail slot in a flash. The lever lock is developed with complete adjustability to fit on even rails worn in time.

Swivel Stud Mounting with Accessory Kit

The swivel stud kit consisted of in the package provides all the elements you have to set up a strong 1-slot Picatinny rail onto your standard swivel stud. Now, you can make use of the Quick-detach Bipod to your heart’s content.

Extendable Legs

Bipod legs can be included any of the 7 notches or fine-tuned to any position in between notches, and locked down with the locking thumb wheel. Quick retraction feature enables easy stow-away.

Rubberized Feet

Rubberized feet grip various types of surface areas, keeping your shot stable and on target.

$ 32.32