Uniden PC687 40-Channel CB Radio with Big Power Meter

Uniden CB Radio PC787

The Uniden PC787 brings innovative features in a traditional design. The extra-large S/RF/SWR meter lets you check your levels with a glance. The PC787 has all the features crucial to you: incorporated SWR meter, mic and RF gain, weather alert, sound blanker, automatic noise limiter, immediate channel 9/19, and more.

Communicate on All 40 Channels

Use one of 40 available Citizens Band radio channels to communicate with those around you. All channels are offered for basic use other than channel 9, which is reserved for emergency situations. Just tune in a channel, and you’ll be able to talk to anyone else tuned in to the exact same channel within radio variety.

All NOAA Weather condition Channels with Weather Alert

This radio comes preprogrammed with NOAA weather condition channels. The Emergency/Weather Alert permits it to operate as a serious weather condition alerting radio and will likewise notify you to any local or nationwide emergencies. If the NOAA concerns alerting while this feature is turned on, the radio sounds an alert tone. You will then hear the emergency/weather broadcast.

Gadget Abilities

The PC787 CB Radio has an extra-large LCD show that works for the driver making it simpler to see. The backlight screen is adjustable, giving you the choice to brighten or dim when need/wanted. Equipped with sound cancelling microphone and RF Gain the PC787 makes hearing better for the motorist and who they are speaking with. With the integrated SWR offers perfect antenna matching. The PC787 is likewise suitable with the BC906W Wireless Microphone (not consisted of) offering you with the choice to communicate even when you have to leave your vehicle, developing to 100 backyards away.

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  • Extra-large S/RF/SWR Meter for simple watching
  • Number of channels: 40
  • Integrated SWR for perfect antenna matching
  • Tone Control to adjust audio for the best noise
  • NOAA Weather condition Alert for the latest climate condition and dangers
  • Variable volume and squelch control
  • Noise-Cancelling Microphone
  • Mic Gain Adjust for the very best transmit level
  • RF Gain Adjust for the very best reception
  • Automatic Sound Limiter and Noise Blanker supplying the clearest reception
  • Compatible with the BC906W Wireless Microphone with up to 100 backyards of cordless variety

$ 65.49