Uniden BCD536HP Digital Phase 2 Base/Mobile Scanner with HPDB and Wi-Fi

“The BCD536HP continues Uniden’s custom of leading innovation. HomePatrol Programs makes it the easiest-to-program mobile expert scanner we have actually ever made. Plus, the Wi-Fi feature lets you utilize the exclusive Uniden Siren App on your smartphone or tablet to access your scanner from anywhere in your home or automobile (App release coming soon!). The LCD backlit keypad elluminates the secrets and screen assists you make favorite lists fast and easy to setup. The department/site Quick Keys produces a quick call or tagging the system/channel number. There are five different frequencies that are covered with the BCD536HP (25-512 MHz, 758-824 MHz, 849-869 MHz, 894-960 MHz, 1240-1300 MHz). Other functions: TrunkTracker V, APCO 25 phase I and stage II, X2-TDMA, CTCSS/DCS rapid decoding, P25 NAC decoding and simple-to-use Guard PC software application to keep your scanner’s database and firmware up to date. Gets standard and the following kinds of trunked channels: – Motorola Type I – Motorola Type II – Motorola Type IIi Hybrid – Motorola Type II Smartnet – Motorola Type II Smartzone – Motorola Type II Smartzone Omnilink – Motorola Type II VOC – LTR Requirement – Project 25 Requirement – P25 Phase I – EDACS Standard (Wide) – EDACS Narrowband (Narrow) – EDACS Networked (Wide/Narrow) – EDACS ESK On the following frequencies: (25-512 MHz) (758-960 MHz) (excluding cellular telephone bands) ”

$ 463.00