The 10 Bushcraft Books

“The 10 Bushcraft Books” is, as the title recommends, literally all 10 of Richard Graves’ “Bushcraft Handbooks” bound together as a hassle-free single volume, ideal for slipping into your rucksack.

A real classic of the genre and out of print for more than forty years, “The 10 Bushcraft Books” is back!

This edition is a best replica of the First Edition, with the exact same size, formatting, design, page count and illustrations, but in a softcover format.

The term “Bushcraft” explains the activity of ways to make usage of natural products discovered locally in any area. It consists of many primitive abilities, and to these are added contemporary abilities required for survival such as time and instructions and the arrangement of more contemporary camp conveniences and devices. The practice of bushcraft develops in a person a remarkable ability to adapt rapidly to an altering environment. Since this is so, the activity is a valuable counter to today’s expertise, and it is specifically substantial in youth training work.The author of”
The 10 Bushcraft Books”, Richard Graves, is a member of the Irish literary family of that name. He is also the author of:”Bushcraft: The best ways to live in Jungle

  • and Bush””Survival Hints”, a pamphlet
  • which was includedin all Allied jungle survival kits in the Pacific during WWII The Bushcraft Handbook”Ropes and Cords”
  • The Bushcraft Handbook “Huts and Thatching”The Bushcraft Handbook “Bush Campcraft”
  • The Bushcraft Handbook “Food and Water”
  • The Bushcraft Handbook “Fire Making”
  • The Bushcraft Handbook “Knots and Lashings”
  • The Bushcraft Handbook “Traps and Tracking”
  • The Bushcraft Handbook “Snares and Traps”
  • The Bushcraft Handbook “Travel and Equipment”
  • The Bushcraft Handbook “Time and Instructions”
  • … all reliable works on bushcraft and the art of bush

and jungle survival. An enthusiastic bushwalker, skier and leader of white-water canoeing, Richard Graves foresaw how a knowledge of bushcraft might conserve lives in the 2nd World War. To achieve this end, he initiated and led the Australian Jungle Rescue Detachment, assigned to the American Far East Air Force. This detachment of 60 specifically picked A.I.F. soldiers effectively effected more than 300 rescue objectives, the majority of which remained in enemy-held area, without failure of a mission or loss of a man.An essential preliminary for rescue is survival, and it was for this purpose that the notes for these
books were written. These notes were later revised and gotten ready for a School in Bushcraft which was conducted for almost Twenty Years. As far as is understood, “The 10 Bushcraft Books” are special. There is absolutely nothing fairly like them, nor is any collection
of bushcraft knowledge under one cover as comprehensive. $14.61