TENVIS IP391W Outdoor Wireless/Wired IP Electronic camera with 15 – 20 Meter Night Vision and 6mm Lens – Silver

Wireless outside security video camera featuring an effective 1/4 inch 1MP CMOS sensing unit, a 20m range night vision and a 5x digital zoom. This cost efficient security cam is the perfect way to protect your home.

The ‘Tenvis Zoom’ Wi-Fi IP video camera includes a tough metal water-resistant real estate to keep your security financial investment safe outdoors rain or shine. On top of that, you?ll record crystal clear images through the 1MP 1/4 inch CMOS sensor giving you high resolution video capture at 30 frames per second. During the night, the 18 IR LEDs will immediately switch on and permit the? Tenvis Zoom? to keep tape-recording clear night vision images and this as much as 20 meter far. Gone are the days you want you could have a more detailed look, considering that this IP camera boasts a 5x digital zoom! And gone are the days you wish you might have a closer look, given that this IP video camera boasts a 5x digital zoom! Focus on license plates, possible trespassers and get a sharp look of exactly what is actually going on.

Being an IP video camera, the ‘Tenvis Zoom’ streams your security feed directly to your computer system by means of a wired or wireless web connection and you?ll even be able to access the security feed from your Android of iOS Smartphone. Using Wi-Fi, you?ll have excellent versatility over where to set up the electronic camera and you won?t need to connect an unlimited stream of wires. Just plug it in for power, established your feed to your computer system or smartphone, and let the ‘Tenvis Zoom’ take care of the rest.

In stock now, the? Tenvis Zoom? can be shipped to you within 24-HOUR of placing your order and includes a Twelve Month guarantee. Given you by the leader in wholesale IP security cams, United states.

At a Glance…Wi-Fi IP Security Cam 18 IR LEDs 20m Night Vision 5x Digital Zoom Outdoor Electronic camera Producer

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  • Resolution: 1280×720
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