SABRE Red Pepper Spray – Police Strength – Spitfire- A lot of Advanced, Compact & Fastest-Deploying Key Ring Spray with Refillable Case

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The A lot of Compact and Fastest Deploying Pepper Spray

“Making Grown Guy Cry Considering that 1975”, SABRE Security Equipment Corporation is proud to manufacture the world’s primary selling pepper sprays: SABRE & SABRE Red. The # 1 brand selected by both police and customers, SABRE backs the most effective pepper spray with education and training to take full advantage of individual safety.

Spitfire is the most compact pepper spray in the SABRE line, and it is the fastest deploying pepper spray keychain on the marketplace! It will even deploy from your hip or over your shoulder if an opponent approaches you from behind. This model is refillable and can be found in several colors– red, purple, zombie green, black, and pink– with sales from the pink design supporting the National Bust Cancer Structure (over, 000, 000.00 donated as of summer season 2014!)

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Authorities Worldwide Carry SABRE

SABRE is the # 1 trusted brand used by police departments worldwide. Officers on 6 continents and in more than 40 nations bring SABRE pepper spray. SABRE is the exclusive option of the New York Police Department, Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, the United States Customs & Border Protection, and many others.

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Fast & Easy Deployment

With Spitfire’s special design, it’s easy to deploy your pepper spray over your shoulder aiming backwards or from your hip.

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Unique HPLC Warranty

According to a study by the University of Utah, pepper spray will fail 30 % due to weak batches. 30 % failures can result in major injury. SABRE is the only brand which eliminates these failures due to weak batches by running a special in-house HPLC lab. SABRE products are likewise supported by the respected ISO 9001:2008 Certification as an added means of ensuring the greatest production quality.

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Personal Security Academy

SABRE has actually dealt with our law enforcement partners to create the Personal Safety Academy and College Security Program. These programs teach methods to outmaneuver and dissuade prospective hazards and defense techniques to get away safely. As a perk, you’ll receive access to a free safety pointers video with your purchase. SABRE desires to assist people be prepared, not terrified.

The Competition
Many Compact and Fastest Deploying Pepper Spray
Deploys from Your Hip or Over Your Shoulder
4 Year Service life (from the date of manufacture)
FREE Security Tips Consisted of in Every Plan
# 1 Choice of Law Enforcement
Offers Training & Education Programs
ISO 9001:2008 Certification
UV Marking Dye for Suspect Recognition
Unique HPLC Assurance
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Level Major Capsaicinoids (REAL HEAT SIGN) CAUTION – Raw Pepper SHU is Not an Accurate Heat Indicator CAUTION – OC is Not an Accurate Heat Indicater Net SHU
SABRE RED III 1.33 % 2, 000, 000 10 % OC 200, 000
Other Sprays II 1.0 % 15, 000, 000 1 % OC 150, 000
Other Sprays II 0.7 % 5, 300, 000 2 % OC 106, 000
Other Sprays I 0.2 % 300, 000 10 % OC 30, 000