PRO-164 Radio Scanner – RadioShack

he RadioShack(tm) PRO-164 scanner, built by GRE of Japan, is essentially the GRECOM PSR-300 in a different skin. This model is a straightforward trunking scanner with a standard number of channels and banks. If you’re in an area with trunking (EDACS(tm) or Motorola) and no or limited digital, this is a great choice for a handheld scanner.

The PRO-164 stores up to 1, 000 frequencies. You can program alpha tags along with the frequencies and sub-audible tone codes so you’ll know exactly whom you’re listening to. Alpha-tag programming is best entered with software. See ARC300 on this site for your software options. Also hear storm reports before they are broadcast on TV or radio. These reports are provided by trained in-the-field storm spotters in your area. Signal Stalker II will jump to the nearest transmitting frequency in your area.

$ 259.00