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Columbia River Knife and Tool 2020 AG Russell Sting Razor Sharp Edge Knife

  This Blade Was Meant for Walking. A fixed blade tactical knife featuring two edges and one solid piece of hot forged steel, it knows its place—clipped to your boot. Crafted by A.G. Russell of Rogers, AR, The Sting displays one of the … [Read more...]

Chris Reeve Pacific Tactical Fixed Knife Blade

  The Chris Reeve Pacific fixed blade with full tang CPM-S35VN stainless steel construction and sandblasted micarta handle scales. Designed in collaboration with Bill Harsey to honor elite military, this blade is built to handle any … [Read more...]

Darrel Ralph Knives Custom XRAY Fixed Knife Blade

   11 1/4" overall. 5 3/4" black DLC finish 154CM stainless false edge blade. Grooved black aluminum handles with lanyard hole. Molded black M.O.L.L.E. compatible belt sheath. Specifications Proudly made in the USA 11 1/4 inch … [Read more...]

Chris Reeve Nyala Insingo S35VN Custom Tactical Combat Hunting Skinner Fixed Blade Knife

      In the Chris Reeve Knives tradition of simple, elegant and functional, the Nyala is a modern version of a classic skinner. The integral handle and blade of CPM S35VN is sturdy and practical - spiral and linear grooves in … [Read more...]

United Cutlery S.O.A. Titanium Assault Knife Fixed Blade

  This S.O.A. Assault knife features a contoured premium Micarta handle which not only gives this knife a tactical appearance, but is also slip resistant and extremely easy to grip even while wet. The 4 3/4-Inch full-tang blade has been … [Read more...]

Extrema Ratio T Razor Black Folding Pocket Knife Blade

   Up to the early 1900s, people commonly carried pocket utility knives. Due to rampant misuse, laws were passed to the effect that all such knives were to be clipped at the blade tip, in order to diminish their intimidation factor as … [Read more...]

Tops Knives Ranger’s Edge Tactical Fixed Blade

      Master Sergeant Kim Breed 5th Special Forces RET., is a notable knife maker as well as an authority on Blades. In an article appearing in Blade Magazine March 2002 The article about "knives at war - blades in … [Read more...]


This is just a pretty awesome State Knife Carry Laws Infographic and Article. If you’re into Knives, and carrying Knives this might come in handy. … [Read more...]

Columbia River Knife & Tool 3100 Mah-Chete Knife

        A blade that's curved up to make brush go down hard. Liong Mah was looking for a survival machete he could use in a variety of situations. So he designed one with a distinctive upswept overall shape. A walnut … [Read more...]

Ka-Bar John EK44 Commando Knife Fixed Blade

        The KA-BAR ek EK44 4 is amongst the first products of the John ek Commando knife company. This updated version of the old Jungle Fighting knife is made from 1095 cro-van and features a parkerized double-edged … [Read more...]

Cold Steel Warcraft Tanto Knife

     Each of our warcraft tantos is made from the highest quality American CPM 3-v steel, with a flat ground primary cutting edge and a Chisel ground secondary blade bevel, both hand honed to hair popping sharpness. The … [Read more...]

Cold Steel 80PGTK GI Tanto Carbon Fixed Blade Knife

        The Cold Steel GI Tanto is a no-nonsense tactical knife designed for practical uses--from camping and hunting, to any day-to-day use where a strong and sharp blade is called for. The knife features a broad, … [Read more...]

Ka-Bar JOHN EK BOWIE EK45 Model 5 Fighting Commando Knife Blade

        The KA-BAR ek EK45 4 is amongst the first products of the John ek Commando knife company. This updated version of the occupational Fighting knife with hilt is made from 1095 cro-van and features a parkerized … [Read more...]

Entrek USA Bullet MKII Fixed Knife Combat Blade

   The Entrek USA Bullet MKII fixed blade is a simple dagger design that is sleek and strong. The double-edge blade is black Gun-Kote finished 440C stainless steel and the handle is outfitted with black canvas Micarta scales. The Bullet … [Read more...]

Buck Knives Kinetic 4 Point Fishing Spear for Spearfishing

Buck Knives Kinetic 4 Point Fishing Spear

           Buck Knives is proud to bring you a set of spears for spearfishing! currently the Series is comprised of a kinetic hunting spear, a two-tine kinetic gig spear and a four-tine kinetic fishing spear. … [Read more...]

Aqua Lung Argonaut Titanium Diving Knife

     Working in conjunction with the world’s premiere maritime commandos, Aqua Lung has designed and developed The Argonaut Dive Knives. These knives are 9.75” long and made of a single piece of 4mm, highly rust resistant, … [Read more...]


        This small undercover knife is a self defense tool used during special operations. The operators carrying the knife on their combat jacket beside the magazine pouches or on the shoulder. The U.T.K. is also … [Read more...]

Hardcore Hardware Australia BFT01-GT Tactical Tomahawk Axe

        Our Tactical Tomahawk is designed for a multitude of applications dependant on situational requirements and is designed for the extreme end of hardcore use as an impact/MOE tool. The spike at the business end of … [Read more...]

Hardcore Hardware Australia MFK-02G2 Generation 2 Tactical Survival Knife Desert Brown

   The modified tanto design is extraordinarily strong. Ideally suited for aggressive penetration and prying, this configuration offers unrivalled tip strength. The MFK-02G2 also features an aggressive partial blade serration for cutting … [Read more...]

Hexflex EDC Everyday Carry Multi-tool

           The HexFlex was originally designed to be a snowboarding multi-tool, but while carrying the prototypes around on our keychains, in our pockets, and attached to our back packs we found that it is … [Read more...]

Extrema Ratio ER Commando Knife Fixed Blade

           Extrema Ratio - ER Commando. Model EX315COMMBL. 11 1/2" overall. 6 1/2" N690 steel double edge blade. Black anticorodal anodized aluminum handle with stainless guard and extended tang with lanyard … [Read more...]

Spartan Blades Horkos Fixed Blade Fighting Utility Knife

        Horkos (or-kos) - Horkos, is a sacred oath and the demon protector of honor / oaths in Greek language and myth. This knife was commissioned by the Combat Weapons Team of the United States Military Academy (West … [Read more...]

Medford Knife and Tool STA Sniper Fixed Knife Blade

      The STA Sniper blade was designed for a USMC Scout/Sniper and instructor with the STA Training Group in Phoenix, AZ. We wanted to bring something completely unique to the craft of the Sniper and their particular needs. … [Read more...]

EDC Everyday Carry Ringtool Compact Multi-Tool Keychain

        The Ultra-light EDC Emergency Multitool There are a thousand scenarios where the Ringtool could come in handy, and we could make a list of all of the countless times people at HBHQ have been saved by one of these … [Read more...]

Gerber Gator Combo Axe

        Product description The Gator Combo Axe combines a forged steel head axe and a fixed blade knife. Both have Gator textured grips and knife is held inside the axe handle magnetically. Ballistic nylon … [Read more...]

United Cutlery M48 Ops Machete Fixed Blade with Sheath

        The United Cutlery UNITED M48 OPS MACHETE WITH SHEATH Machete are an amazing product from United Cutlery. This is a must own product for your hunting or sporting needs. But don't take our word for it, pick up … [Read more...]