Pac-Kit 7165 7 Piece Woundseal Climber’s Kit in Ballistic Nylon Pouch

The Pac-Kit 7165 7-piece climber’s injury dressing kit consists of materials for dealing with major injuries, and is appropriate for usage by loggers, arborists, and climbers. It consists of a significant wound compress, gauze plaster, fastening clips, and a blood clot and wound sealing representative. The kit comes in a reusable pouch made from ballistic nylon for resilience, and determines 5.8 x 3.7 x 2.3 inches (H x W x D). (H is height, the vertical range from lowest to acme; W is width, the horizontal distance from delegated right; D is depth, the horizontal range from front to back.) Refill supplies are sold separately.Pac-Kit Safety Devices

produces very first aid materials, eye wash stations, and gloves. The business, established in 1946, is locateded in Fairfield, CT.What’s in the Box?Contents are based upon accessibility; real contents

may vary Nylon pouch Hema-Seal compress, 8″x 10 “pad sewed to 4”

  • x 4 lawns(stretched)gauze plaster Stretch gauze plaster, 4″ x 4 backyards (4) Fastening clips WoundSeal clotting powder$30.00