Nunchaku: Karate Weapon Of Self-Defense by Fumio Demura

The nunchaku is used by karate students in the practice of kobudo, a weapons art that evolved along with karate on Okinawa. The kobudo and nunchaku-training movements in this DVD presentation are based on karate movements, with the weapon being considered an extension of the hands and body. Famed teacher Fumio Demura hosts this DVD which includes instruction on nunchaku grip, stances, grasping positions, blocking, striking, warm-up calisthenics, movements, karate and nunchaku similarities, whipping techniques (and footwork), applied attacking techniques, applied blocking and counter-techniques. Fumio Demura studied under Ryusho Sakagami and legendary Okinawan master Kenshin Taira. A student of kobudo and karate for more than 40 years, Demura is an accomplished book author and has been honored twice by the Black Belt Hall of Fame (1969, Karate Sensei of the Year; 1975, Martial Artist of the Year). He travels extensively, teaching at his various schools and giving demonstrations all over the world.

$ 16.90