New-FermentEm Kit: 4 Wide Mouth Fermentation Lids w/ Grommets, 3-Piece Airlock, Jar Seals, Stoppers, & Storage Box

Lacto-fermentation not just supplies numerous health advantages, however is a tasty way to prepare numerous of your preferred foods. Make Sauerkraut, Kimchi, Kombucha Tea, and so a lot more, right in the house! This kit is great for the newbie wanting to start, in addition to the individual planning to supplement or add supplies. The re-usable plastic covers will fit any broad mouth container. The silicone seals supply an airtight seal for the plastic covers without the requirement for heat like with metal mason container covers, and with correct care and maintenance can be utilized sometimes over. The 3/8″ grommets are the perfect size for allowing the 3-piece airlock with vented lid, and rubber stoppers, to fit completely without letting any air out or in. The rubber stoppers develop an airtight seal when you’re done fermenting, so that you don’t need to transfer your foods into another container. Kindly clean before use. We hope you take pleasure in using this kit as much as we do!

$ 34.99