Injury Prevention: Competencies For Unintentional Injury Prevention Professionals

During the past century we have seen a remarkable reduction of injuries. Nonetheless, over the last few years injuries have been the top prominent killer cause of death in children and young people in the United States and the 5th leading cause of death for any ages. Injury Prevention: Proficiencies for Unintended Injury Prevention Professionals assists injury prevention specialists make more improvements in preventing and managing unintentional injuries. The National Training Initiative for Injury and Violence Prevention’s (NTI) Core Competencies and their goals form the chapters and overview for this book. The core proficiencies and goals detail a common understanding of the necessary skills and knowledge that are considereded required to work in injury prevention. While the Core Competencies focus upon both violence (deliberate) and unintended injuries, this book focuses only upon unintentional injuries. The very first 8 chapters abide by the first 8 Core Competencies and their goals. The chapter headings match directly to those of the competency goals. For Core Competency 9, the later chapters offer information on the major unintentional injury issues (e.g., motor-vehicle injuries, poisoning, fall injuries, drowning, domestic fires, and firearm injuries).

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