Icom R75 HF Radio Scanner

The IC-R75 covers a broad frequency range: 0.03-60.000000 MHz (Surefire variety of 0.1-29.99 MHz and 50-54 MHz only.)*. Enabling you to listen to a range of interactions including marine, amateur, brief wave radio broadcasts and more. The IC-R75 makes it simple to find interactions world broad. The screen suggests as much as 8-character memory names for simple acknowledgment. The RF gain and/or squelch control can be set to the [SQL] control in set mode to match your operating choice. A large vibrant range of more than 100dB, 104.5 dB for 14 MHz band, 102.5 dB for 50 MHz band, and a well-designed triple conversion system assistance decrease image and spurious responses for better signal integrity (ranges not ensured). The PBT (passband tuning) function narrows and moves the IF passband at 2 stages to effectively remove conflicting signals. DSP (Digital Signal Processor) allows filtering in the AF phase (includes DSP system installed). The DSP provides noise reduction by enhancing wanted AF signals from noise. Exceptional S/N ratio is achieved, providing clean audio in SSB, AM and FM. Pull weak signals right out of the noise. The DSP likewise provides automatic notch filtering which immediately reduces beat signals and safeguards the receive signal. The notch frequency is likewise automatically adapted to follow interfering beat signals-reducing disturbance from RTTY signals throughout SSB operation for example. Unlike lots of other HF/50 MHz receivers there is no have to install an extra device for FM mode reception on the 29 and 50 MHz bands.

$ 774.95