How to Grow More Vegetables, Eighth Edition: (and Fruits, Nuts, Berries, Grains, and Other Crops) Than You Ever Idea Possible on Less Land Than You … (And Fruits, Nuts, Berries, Grains, ).

Decades before the terms “eco-friendly” and “sustainable growing” went into the vernacular, The best ways to Grow More Vegetables demonstrated that small, high-yield, all-organic gardening approaches could yield plentiful crops over several growing cycles making use of very little resources in a rural environment. The concept that John Jeavons and the team at Ecology Action introduced more than 40 years back has been accepted by the mainstream and continues to gather momentum. Today, The best ways to Grow More Vegetables, now in its fully modified and updated 8th edition, is the go-to reference for food growers at every level: from house garden enthusiasts dedicated to supporting their yard edibles in optimum consistency with nature’s cycles, to small-scale business producers thinking about optimizing soil fertility and increasing plant efficiency. Whether you intend to collect your very first tomatoes next summer season or are preparing to grow enough to feed your entire household in years to come, Ways to Grow More Vegetables is your vital sustainable garden guide.

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