Ham Radio Transceiver CP-2000 Dual Band VHF&UHF 136-174MHz&400-480MHz 128 channels 5 WattLong Range Large Display Two Way Cb Walkie Talkie

Key Features

Squelch level
Frequency step
High/Low power output
Save power mode
Wide/Narrow band selection
Side key 1
Side key 2
Backlight selection
Busy channel lockout
Language selection
Channel name edit
Keypad lock
Multi Scan mode
FM radio
Voice guide
Distant alarm
Call ring
Begin/End transmitting beep prompt
Power ON message
MENU reset
1750Hz burst Tone
Reverse Frequency Function
Multi displaying mode
Battery capacity prompt
PC programmed
IP55 waterproof


Frequency range: 136-174MHz/400-480MHz
Number of channel: 128
frequency stability: ±2.5ppm
Operating temperature range: -30?~70?
Operating voltage: DC:7.5V
channel interval: 25/12.5KHz
Antenna impedance: 50?
Dimension: 58×120×34mm
Weight: 300g

Transmit Part

RF power output: 5W/2.5W
Type of modulation: FM
Emission class: 16KØF3E/11KØF3E
Maximum deviation: ?5.0kHz(W)/?2.5kHz(N)
Spurious Emissions : ?65dB
Audio Distortion: ?5%
Transmitter current: ?1.4A

Receiver Part

Receiver sensitivity: -122dBm (at 12dB SINAD)
Intermodulation: 65 dB(W)/60dB(N)
S/N: 43/38dB
Rated Audio Power Output: ?0.5W

$ 68.00