Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Street Self-Defense DVD

Rorion and Royce show you how to deal with the unpredictable situations of a street fight. From all kinds of grabs and holds to punches and kicks, even weapons! Learning this series of techniques will get you prepared for virtually every situation. Although most real fights will end on the ground, they always start standing up. This step-by-step program is designed for men and women of all sizes and physical abilities. Strength, speed and coordination are not necessary for the execution of these simple and effective techniques, anyone can do it! Here you will see how to protect yourself in virtually any situation – from blocking a punch and escaping a bear hug, to disarming an attacker with a knife or gun. Rorion Gracie, displaying his incomparable teaching skills, along with his brother Royce, will show you the self-defense secrets he uses to train the world?s military elite, law enforcement personnel and martial arts students worldwide. DISC 1: CHOKE, SHOULDER GRAB, BEAR HUG & CLUB DEFENSES DISC 2: COLLAR GRAB, KICK & KNIFE DEFENSES DISC 3: THE PUNCH, HEADLOCK, & GUN DEFENSES/STREET SMARTS BONUS FEATURES: -Ryron and Rener adapt your training for the reality of the streets. Learn how to Block Punches from the Mounth, the Guard and the Headlock -The Gracie Museum Guided Tour Approx.: 3hrs 40min

$ 48.95