Elephant Outdoor Paracord Bracelet – 4 Colors 3 Sizes Camping Gear with Compass, Knife Scraper, Whistle, Flint Fire Starter, Bottle Opener, Fit Men, Women, Kids – A Must Have Survival Gear


Do you have a poor sense of direction and afraid of getting lost in outdoor?

Have you ever need a strong rope to tying down items or hanging your clothes or something?

When you want to open beers but you can’t find a bottle opener around, how to do?
Can you imagine the scene: someone drop into water, he gets lost and with leg broken when he wakes up, with all clothes wet, he is weak and can’t cry out for help loudly.
On these conditions, Elephant Outdoor Paracord Bracelet that integrates life-saving compass, fire starter, whistle and bottle opener will be really necessary to help him survive.
You must be grateful and realize that this is the best buy you’ve ever made on Amazon.

1. Updated big high quality compass.
2. Tough steel bottle opener.
3. Emergency whistle.
4. Ferrocerium Rod Fire Starter Kit
5. 12′ of Military Grade 550 parachute cord, which can help to:
– Tying down items to your car or backpack.
– Hanging a rucksack from a tree or Stringing up a clothes-line to dry out wet clothing.
– Slowly lowering your equipment or an object down from a higher plane.
– Securing a makeshift splint or creating a makeshift sling.
– Creating or Rigging a pulley system to lift a heavy object.
More and whatever you can think to use.
Elephant Outdoor survival bracelet contains practical survival tools that you can count on in ANY weather, altitude, or survival condition. This is indeed a cost-efficient survival gear that ALL hunters, campers, preppers, backpackers, etc. should have!
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