Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Street Self-Defense DVD

Rorion and Royce show you how to deal with the unpredictable situations of a street fight. From all kinds of grabs and holds to punches and kicks, even weapons! Learning this series of techniques will get you prepared for virtually every situation. Although most real fights will end on the ground, they always start standing […]

Born Survivor Bear Grylls: Texas & Alaska

TEXAS Bear falls to Earth from an upturned bi-plane to lock horns with the deserts of Southwestern Texas. He’s up against some of the harshest terrain in the U.S. as rainy-season storms generate flashfloods that shape this landscape into jagged chasms. The rest of the year is brutally hot and finding water is the biggest […]

Shackle Hands-Combat Principles & Self Defense Applications

This DVD is Vintage Re-release of the First Shackle Hands DVD ever made. It is considered a collectors item along with a wealth of detailed information for both Combat self defense and detail teaching material. The hands are linked at the wrist to connect both hemisphere of the body, mind and spirit.This System of Martial […]

Nunchaku: Karate Weapon Of Self-Defense by Fumio Demura

The nunchaku is used by karate students in the practice of kobudo, a weapons art that evolved along with karate on Okinawa. The kobudo and nunchaku-training movements in this DVD presentation are based on karate movements, with the weapon being considered an extension of the hands and body. Famed teacher Fumio Demura hosts this DVD […]

Self Defense for Women Vol.2 – Krav Maga Method

Self Defense for Women Vol.2 Krav-Maga method by Richard Douieb – 100% efficient – Real situations – Easy to perform – Educative session Discover the Volume 2 of this Krav Maga program! These simple and effective techniques, supervised by Richard Douieb, will allow you to defend yourself at all times. The new situations (driving, phone […]

Self Defense Best of 5 Experts – Savate Defense

By five great European experts: ERIC QUEQUET – Savate Defense RICHARD DOUIEB – Krav Maga FRANCK ROPERS – Penchak Silat ERIC LAULAGNET – Kali / Jeet Kune Do MICHEL CARRON – Taekwondo Never seen on DVD before! Discover five great European Experts showing more than 120 Self Defense techniques against all kinds of attacks from […]

Born Survivor Bear Grylls: Southern Africa – Namibia & Zambia

NAMIBIA Bear Grylls demonstrates survival techniques in one of the hottest, emptiest and driest places on Earth: Namibia. His journey begins on the Skeleton Coast, a 900-mile stretch of arid desert which has claimed countless lives. ZAMBIA Bear ventures into the landlocked country of Zambia in Southern Africa. Flash floods bring 12-foot waves and vicious […]

Women – Learn How to Master Self-Defense

This DVD presents simple methods to help women get out of any bad situation and to say ”No” to aggressors. Since all aggressors only attack people who they feel they can dominate physically, women are a favorite target. But being a victim shouldn’t be a fatality and all of us can learn how to defend […]

Warriors 3 – The Return of Krav Warriors: Krav Maga, Kapap, Close Combat and Pro Self Defense

More than 100 techniques are covered in this incredible 2-DVD set. The ICOSS experts (International Confederation of Self-Defense Systems) share their knowledge that was accumulated through many years of experience in the field. You will discover a whole range of complementary techniques (Krav Maga, close combat, and professional Kapap) that will give you the keys […]

Born Survivor Bear Grylls: China & Guatemala

CHINA Bear is stranded in Southern China in the aftermath of a typhoon. He’s dropped on a mountainside and has to tackle huge, rain-swollen rivers, climb monster waterfalls, cross vertiginous limestone gorges and use every ounce of his survival skills to show you how to get back to civilisation. Along the way, Bear is attacked […]

Self Defense Concepts with Objects of Everyday Life

Florian Lahner, born in 1974, is one of the leading tactical Instructors in Europe. As one of very few he teaches to Law Enforcement, Military and Security Personal on a regular Base. Additionally he shares his knowledge with civilians. For those he focus on very easy to master, yet realistc concepts that work under stress. […]