Zootility Tools WildCard Folding EDC Credit Card Knife

  Zootility WildCard-Credit Card Knife is an amazing feat of steel origami, it’s the most innovative knife on the market. Made entirely from heat treated stainless steel, WildCard™ knife weighs 1.1 ounce and is 2.0 mm thick, only slightly thicker than a credit card, allowing it to be stored in your wallet, or comfortably in your pocket. The patent-pending FlyOff™  technology also […]

Hexflex EDC Everyday Carry Multi-tool

           The HexFlex was originally designed to be a snowboarding multi-tool, but while carrying the prototypes around on our keychains, in our pockets, and attached to our back packs we found that it is useful for so much more than just tightening bindings while on the slopes. The unique snowflake shaped design […]

EDC Everyday Carry Ringtool Compact Multi-Tool Keychain

        The Ultra-light EDC Emergency Multitool There are a thousand scenarios where the Ringtool could come in handy, and we could make a list of all of the countless times people at HBHQ have been saved by one of these conveniently lightweight and portable multitools since their launch three years ago, but we’ll […]

Gerber GDC Money Clip – EDC Everyday Carry Wallet with Blade

           Gerber 31-002521 GDC Money Clip Money clips continue growing in popularity. Enter the Gerber GDC Money Clip. Not only does it hold up to five essential cards, but it contains a 1.75 inch fine edge stainless steel blade for discreet access and ultra-practical incorporation into the daily routine. It perfectly integrates […]

Cha-O-Ha Design EDC Everyday Carry Multi-Tool Card

   The EDC Card is designed to maximize ergonomics and leverage by utilizing finger and thumb grips to keep a tight hold comfortably. It is compact enough to fit in your wallet, yet there are 30+ functions built in to get you through whatever situation comes your way. Be it adjusting your bike seat, to […]

Leatherman MUT EDC Everyday Carry Multi Tool

     MUT Multi-Tool The Leatherman MUT is the first multi-tool that functions as both a tactical and practical tool for military, LE, or civilian shooters. The MUT features multiple areas on the tool threaded for cleaning rods and brushes and all the screwdriver bits are sized for standard military and civilian sighting adjustment work. […]

Extrema Ratio EDC Everyday Carry TK Tool 2.0 Stonewash

     The TK TOOL 2.0 is the newest multi-purpose, single-piece pocket tool produced by Extrema Ratio. It will help you to get the job done quickly. These are the main characteristics: – central slot to be used as a screw-pin shackle wrench. – key for of fire arm optics regulation and calibration. – bottle […]

SOG Specialty Knives & Tools Sync II Easy Wear EDC Everyday Carry Belt Buckle Multi Tool

   The functionality of a multi-tool is useless if you don’t have it on hand when you need it. The syncs are multi-tools designed to easily be worn with the detachable base as a belt buckle or simply Clipped on a pack strap or boot. That way, anywhere you go, your multi-tool is there with […]

VSSL Supplies – Essential Camping EDC Survival Gear for the Outdoors

        VSSL supplies – contains the outdoor gear you need for short-term excursions. Whether you plan to be out for a few days or a few hours, having critical supplies in a compact weather-resistant case is an essential part of preparation. VSSL products have been showcased and have received enthusiastic reviews from many […]

Leatherman Raptor Shears Black Utility Holster

           Raptor Shears The Leatherman Raptor shears features the necessary tools for uniformed medical professionals to safely and quickly go to work in an emergency situation. Developed with the input of special operations medics, EMTs and fire professionals familiar with standard medical shears, the Raptor was crafted with just the right balance […]

Real Avid Pistol Tool

     Take Down, Build Up, Adjust, And Maintain Your Handguns Never before has so much insight been built into a tool that can fit in your mag pouch. The Pistol Tool gives you the ability to maintain, add accessories, and tweak your favorite handgun. With a look and purpose that no other multi-tool has, this […]

SOG MacV Tool EDC Everyday Carry Multi-Tool

        The SOG Specialty Knives & Tools SM1001-CP MacV Tool is handy whether you need to open a bottle, tighten a screw or nut, pry a staple out, cut fishing line, or touch up a blade on the go, the MacV Tool has what you need. Designed to resemble the original skull from […]