“Alpha Encender” Fire Starter with Magnesium Rod By Aspen Ridge Sports, Used for Emergency Fire Beginner Like Firesteel, Aurora Fire Beginner, Bear Grylls Firestarter Great for 12, 000 Strike. Works Like A Metal Match

What To Make use of In The Emergency To Start A Fire When Your Matches Won’t Start Or Lighter Does not Work? You need the Aspen Ridge Sports “Alpha Encender ” Fire Starter.A must-have for hunting, searching, camping, survival and treking explorations. Little and compact, this fire starter offers years of usage. Start fires when and where you require them with the “Alpha Encender ” Fire starter by Aspen Ridge Sports. Long ferro rod determining over 3 inches long to give you a huge strike area to develop huge sparks to begin with fires. Includes large magnesium rod for starting fires. Create fire at any time, any place, with any conditions rapidly and safely.Nice light-weight design for easy portability. Functions like a metal match. Fits neatly into a backpack, drawer, car glove box or equipment bag. It is a self-contained, water-proof system that can be easily utilized for fire-starting. Fire starter kit with Metal Striker, Ferro Rod, Magnesium Rod and extra long Paracord lanyard for easier striking while keeping all the firestarter parts together? A lanyard keeps each piece of the product protected and together.- Not ideal for children.- For outdoor use just, in a consisted of campfire area.- Never leave your fire unattended.- Immediate fire – Develop fire anywhere in seconds with Magnesium Fire Starters – showers of triggers with each strike Directions for use emailed with each purchase- Alpha Encender Fire Beginner brings a LIFETIME SERVICE WARRANTY Click the “Add To Cart ” Now to get your very own Alpha Encender Fire Beginner Now.

$ 10.99