Zero Tolerance # 0630 Emerson Clip Point Knife

ZT and Emerson are back for more with the 0630. The powerful upswept tactical blade, exceptional for slicing cuts, is made of Crucible S35VN. S35VN is difficult and chip resistant and makes it possible for ZT to hone the blade to a razor edge. When it’s time to re-sharpen, S35VN makes that easier, too. Of course the brand-new 0630 features the trademarked Emerson “wave shaped feature” that enables the knife to be opened as it is removed from the pocket. By the time the knife has been completely withdrawn from the pocket, the blade is deployed and ready for use. A small wave-shaped tab on the top of the blade is developed to capture on the pocket seam, opening the knife as it comes out of the pocket. This Emerson instant-open function is a favorite among military, rescue, and law enforcement knife users. The 0630’s deal with features a G-10 front scale with a titanium back. A titanium frame lock with set steel lockbar insert guarantees lock up security. The reversible pocket clip lets you bring comfortably left- or right-handed.

$ 199.95